Sunday, April 24, 2016


As Christians I believe we could learn a lot from Target. Once we got past the fear and hatred we have. So Target re-iterated it's stand on inclusivity. So what! Good for them. They have their gospel and they live by it. We have our Gospel and we do not live by it. Our Bible tells us not to be afraid. Read Luke12:4 specifically. Should we then walk in fear of other people?
Our Bible also tells us that we are to Love one another. Read Romans 13:8. How does this "boycott target" or negative comments about people who have gender identity issues then show our love? It doesn't show it - because it is not there. 
So then why is it such a problem that Target reissued a statement on its inclusivity?  They want us to know what their belief system is. Maybe we should live by our belief system instead of against it and then we can speak more accurately about our beliefs. 
But also I have issues with people who are going to the wrong sources for information. Have you read what Targets statement was? Where did you read it from?  Fox News has greatly skewed the statement. Removed part of it, inserted their comments into it. Other news media has also done this. 
Read the actual article from Target please. You can google it. It's out there easy to find. 
People listening to what someone said someone else said is gossip. It's not news. Not going to the source is like letting someone tell you what the Bible says and not reading it for yourselves. Now you know why I didn't put the verse in this blog, just the reference. 
The Bible warns us to be wary of things like that. It's in the New Testament. I want you to look up that reference yourself. 
Lastly it was stated to me that Target then didn't need to make this statement. Leave it alone. Then they would not have the negative publicity. First this doesn't bother Target. As a company I am sure they are used to it. Secondly how would that work for us? What are we commanded in the Gospels to do?  Read Mark 16:15
I for one am glad that Our Lord has me serving Him by working among the people that can call themselves Targeteers. 

In everything show Love, for He Is Love.